Cerdeira- What to do pt.2



Cerdeira Village is the perfect marriage between art and nature, tradition and modernity, sport and leisure.

Follow the deer during the rut. Take a bicycle ride to the neighboring villages. Dive into swimming pools and natural dams. Walk, photograph and observe. Take part in one of our courses and enjoy the experience. Get to know the surrounding area. There’s an awful lot to see and enjoy both in and around the village.

The hills of Lousã are perfect for outdoor activities. Adventure yourself thru walking and hiking trails. You’ll find medicinal plants, aromatic herbs, chestnut trees, deer, streams, and even a natural dam!

Self-guided hiking trails:
Hiking Trail Mills Route
Hiking Trail Lousã Schist Village
Hiking Trail Levada
Hiking Trail Four Villages

The Lousã – Aldeias do Xisto mountain bike center offers Cross Country (XC), Downhill (DH) and Enduro (EN) slopes arising from the excellent potential that the County of Lousã presents for the practices of this modalities.

These mountains are a natural sports facility. The Municipality of Lousã invested with its partners, in this sport. Highlighted by the recurring presence of the best athletes and brands of mountain biking equipment in the world, as well as the accomplishment of national and international mountain biking competitions, confirming Lousã as the Capital of mountain biking in Portugal.

The routes have four levels of difficulty (green, blue, red and black) suitable for all types of users, from those who want to start up to the most challenging.

Other adventures

The Serra da Lousã is often used by paraglider groups who find here the perfect conditions to fly. For those who like this sport, in Serra da Lousã, the place of take-off is at “Cabeço da Ortiga” (920mt). This point has a breathtaking view of Lousã and its surroundings. The

If you are curious to know the mountains from the sky, we can help. We work with an experienced paraglider who can accompany couples or small groups.

If on the other hand, you are looking for water adventures, we work with partners offering various options of kayaking, canoeing, canyoning, and water-hiking.

If what you are looking for is something completely different like paintball, archery, abseiling, slide or climbing, let us know.

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