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21 MARCH Tribute to Celeste Rodrigues (1923-2018) 🗓 🗺


CCB – Centro Cultural de Belém Praça do Império – Lisbon
Grand Auditorium

A consensual figure in the Portuguese musical universe, Celeste Rodrigues is a reference for different generations of artists. Majestic, her nonagenarian voice used to live for fado and made fado his home. She sang all the time and sang to the end. In his fado he inhabits, still today, whole Lisbon, of the most ardent light or pitch of the night. There dreams and memories are inscribed, loves and dislikes, departures and homesicknesses, whole Lisbon in verse, while the Tagus sleeps and fado dawns, dawn inside. Fado was – is – your home. A house is full of affection, life and art.
With a professional career spanning seven decades, Celeste Rodrigues sang regularly in the best fado houses in Lisbon, being among the first fado singers to perform internationally, in stages such as the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Carnegie Hall in New York or Cité de la Music in Paris.
Deeply cherished by her peers, Celeste Rodrigues met several honours in life, in the Fado Museum, the São Luiz Theater or the Tivoli Theater, among many other tributes that the artistic community and the public directed her. In 2012 she was awarded by the President of the Republic with the rank of Commander of the Order of Prince Henry the Navigator, and the city that most sang, Lisbon, awarded her the Gold Medal. On the stage of the Grand Auditorium of the Cultural Center of Belém, friends of different generations meet today, in tribute to the great matriarch of Fado. Interpreting the beautiful repertoire of Celeste Rodrigues, everyone celebrates this rare and extraordinary joy of living a lifetime to do what you love.

Directed by Diogo Varela Silva
Fadistas Ana Sofia Varela, Camané, Duarte, Fábia Rebordão, Helder Moutinho, Jorge Fernando, Katia Guerreiro, Mísia, Pedro Moutinho, Ricardo Ribeiro, Sara Correia, Teresinha Landeiro
Musicians Pedro de Castro (Portuguese guitar), Gaspar Varela (Portuguese guitar),
André Ramos (viola de fado), Francisco Gaspar (bass guitar)

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CCB - Centro Cultural de Belém Praça do Império - Lisbon Map

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