SC Braga draws against Slovan Bratislava in the Europa League


Sporting Braga has returned to be the stage for another European duel this Thursday. At the Quarry, the Warriors of Minho welcomed Slovan Bratislava, Slovakian team that came to Portugal with, supposedly, the title of least favorite.

As in almost everything, it is the practice that is tested, but yesterday, however, arsenalists may complain of their own bad luck, but also of a more alternate strategy between the opponent’s straight-up play or the shot. sniper gear.

While it is true that from the game the various happiness and misfortunes of Bruno Viana, who scored, scored and scored against his own advantage are removed, also the strategy set up by Sá Pinto can be blamed.

In front of a team that was on paper and out of it below the Minho collective, the Braga team overexploited the cross to area as a way to try to get closer to the goal, forgetting, however, that to pierce a well-assembled Slovak wall Sometimes it was better to alternate strategy, exploiting the apex created by the good times of the Horta brothers, which may have been removed from the field too early.

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