PortugalFit2018: This weekend is the #fit event of the year

The biggest national fitness event is coming and filled with surprises: 20 years of Les Mills group classes in Portugal, and 25 years of the national meeting of fitness professionals. Expected more than 20 thousand people in # PortugalFit2018.

Towards the European Capital of Sports 2018, # PortugalFit2018 is on its way to stir up fitness lovers nationwide, in an even more special edition full of celebrations and launches. Four days after the event, Braga is already almost sold out and expects to receive more than 20 thousand people who will travel to the city especially for the event.

The 20 years of Les Mills in Portugal and the 25th anniversary International Convention Manz Fitness dictate that this will be an edition where the celebration of fitness will be at the highest level. Proof of this is the international guests and renowned names of the world fitness that will join the celebration, as is the case of Alan Menache, Gabriel Medina’s physical trainer, Mirca Ocanhas and the incredible Cauê La Scala Teixeira. Taking on the role of ambassadors of the event, are well-known of the general public Mafalda Teixeira and Kapinha that will carry out great moments and activities on stage.

This is the largest fitness event held on a national scale, and there will also be official launchings of the great fitness news of the year: on the first day of the event, the great launch of Les Mills Barre, the new a group class inspired by the classic Ballet that will arrive at the gyms in 2019 and promises to create ecstasy for the lovers of the modality. On the other hand, fans of more daring modalities will be able to witness, for the first time in Portugal, the International Pole Dance Championship, the art of sensual dance that will count on the biggest names in the sport at an international level, coming from the most varied countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, Mexico and Austria. In addition to the championships, the Manz Cross Games appear in a new and renewed format where they will compete for the Trophy Carlos Rebolo, the greatest cross training fans nationally and internationally.

The party is joined by the usual and long-awaited group lessons in XXL, where more than 100 people come together to celebrate the best modalities in simply breathtaking surroundings!

In addition to all the surprises and countless activities, visitors will be able to count on the largest fair space in this universe, where they will find the best brands of fitness, food and nutrition at the best prices.

As the cherry at the top of the day, the Dinner Show will return to the show, where you’ll be able to meet friends and share experiences in a fun and relaxed atmosphere!

The tickets, already almost exhausted, can be purchased on the site in various modalities, according to the type of activities intended.

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