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Alcácer do Sal

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Alcácer do Sal
Alcácer do Sal has been successively occupied since the 19th century. VI B.C. having been one of the most important urban and military centres in the Islamic peninsular territory. During the Roman occupation, it even minted the inscription Imperatoria Salacia, dating from that time, according to some authors, the name change to Salacia.

The medieval castle dates from the 12th century, built on previous fortifications, and in the 8th century, under Islamic rule, Alcácer was an important urban and military centre, with a powerful and effective defensive system. The Muslims here developed shipbuilding.

Conquered in 1158 by D. Afonso Henriques, with the help of the Espatários, he returned to Almohad hands in 1191 (of which the eighth tower remains) to be definitively conquered by D. Afonso II who donates it to the Order of Santiago.

In the 13th century, there was a campaign to rebuild the castle, which at the time would have a much larger and more imposing structure than it is today.
Throughout the 15th century, the castle gradually lost its military functions. In 1573 the Convent of Nossa Senhora de Aracaeli was founded here inside the castle in the place of the palace of the Order of Santiago. This one remained until the extinction of religious orders.

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