Altran launches new data center and artificial intelligence in Portugal


World Class Center of Analytics of Altran and Tessella opens in the offices of Lisbon and Porto

Altran, a global leader in engineering and research and development (R & D) services, has just launched the new center of excellence dedicated to data science and artificial intelligence in response to growing market demand in these areas. The Portuguese teams will operate as part of Tessella, Altran’s World Class Center of Analytics, joining an international group of more than 350 data science experts.

For Bruno Casadinho, Chief Operating Officer of Altran Portugal: “The focus on artificial intelligence and data science is an extraordinary opportunity for our customers to develop new disruptive services, as well as to make their businesses more digital. The opening of a World Class Center dedicated to these areas, under the leadership of Bruno Coelho, follows our strategy of putting Portugal at the forefront of disruptive technology. Our customers will benefit from what we call an exponential triad. A dedicated and dedicated analytical team, with a track record, managed by the experienced João Neves and Hélder Pinheiro and supported by Tessela’s global talent network that provides the best engineering and consulting in the market. ”

Mark Kirwan, CEO of Tessela, says: “This investment in the presence in the European market increases our ability to guarantee extraordinary results in terms of data science. I am proud of the fact that Altran customers in Portugal can now benefit from the local talent as well as have access to the entire Tessella organization. This clearly illustrates the momentum of the Altran Group’s strong momentum in offering customers value-added solutions, as recently announced in the High Road 2022 strategy. ”

In Portugal, Tessella, Altran World Class Center Analytics, will be present in Altran offices in Lisbon and Oporto, with an initial team of 35 specialists, aiming to reach 100 experts by the end of 2019.

The integration of Tessella in 2015 is aligned with the Altran Group’s “The High Road 2022” strategy to provide customers with value-added solutions and respond to market needs in providing state-of-the-art engineering consulting to international clients.

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