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Alvão – Marão Natural Park Virtual Tour

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Experience an online virtual visit to Alvão – Marão Natural Park

Alvão – Marão Natural Park Virtual Tour

The Alvão Natural Park (PNAl) is located in the transition zone between Minho and Trás-os-Montes in territories belonging to the municipalities of Mondim de Basto and Vila Real, totalling 7220ha of total area. The Serra do Alvão, half walls with the Marão, is an area with schistous Siluric formations of great landscape and geological interest, whose fulcrum is the waterfall of the river Olo, in Fisgas de Ermelo.

There, where quartzites of the Lower Ordovício occur, there are benches in open anticline and inclined axis towards SW, i.e. downstream of the Olo River. Its altitude is 800 m, descending in several waterfalls, a difference of 250 m in a course of 1500 m. Fisgas de Ermelo is one of the most interesting geomorphologically landscapes in the Park.

In this place, an imposing quartzite barrier forces the Olo River to run at a steady pace and creates a gap of about three hundred meters where it precipitates forming an attractive waterfall. The shredding of the flaws, the greatness of the gap and the yellowish tone of the rocks, the result of the presence of yellow lichens, give the set an evident power and attraction.

In all this region the avifauna is abundant and diversified, including, in particular, the golden eagle, which even recently nested there. Among the mammals are, among others, the wild boar Sus scrofa, the roe deer Capreolus capreolus, the badger Meles meles, the hare Lepus granatensis and the rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus. Among the reptiles can be found the sardão or water lizard Lacerta schreiberi and the horned viper Vipera latastei.

No less remarkable is the traditional architecture of some of its villages, especially in Ermelo and Lamas de Olo, with its own mountain architecture and sociological, artisanal and landscape aspects of great interest, not to mention Fervença, with its green and beautiful agrarian area, arranged in a succession of terraces.

Virtual TourAlvão – Marão 

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