Ana Moura | Feira de S. João 2019 🗓 🗺


There is no other voice in fado like that of Ana Moura. A voice that walks in the tradition freely, without flirting with pop music widening, in a very personal way, the range of action of the Lisbon song.

But what distinguishes her is not only a serious and sensual timbre but few – Ana Moura instantly transforms into fado any melody she interprets, like a fuse that lights up and explodes in the heart of the listener.

With nearly half a million albums sold, more than a dozen awards include two Golden Globes, two Amália Awards, one nomination for the Songlines Music Awards in the category of Best Artist, participation with music icons such as Prince, The Rolling Stones , Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Herbie Hancock, Benjamin Clementine or U2, Ana Moura has long ceased to be a national artist and has become a global artist.

A voice that traverses tradition freely, while flirting with pop music broadens in a very personal way, the range of Lisbon’s fado action.

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