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Anaquim | Lisbon 🗓 🗺


Anaquim | €10
Thurs: 7 pm

Anaquim is a band from Coimbra whose influences include national names such as Fausto, Sérgio Godinho and Zeca Afonso, as well as the French song, country music or blue grass. The group is composed by José Rebola (composer and lyricist – voice and guitars), Pedro Ferreira (keyboards), Luís Duarte (guitar), Filipe Ferreira (bass) and João Santiago (drums). Anaquim recently released their latest single, Fado ran away from Home, featuring the participation of fado singer Katia Guerreiro.

cheap things to do
Clube Ferroviário - Rua de Santa Apolónia nº 59 - Santa Engrácia - Lisboa Map

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