Duration: approximately 90 minutes
Age rating: older than 6 years
Prices: 1st audience: € 14.00; 2nd audience: € 12,00

Dino D’Santiago released the album Mundu Nôbu in 2018. Born in Portugal, raised in Quarteira, Dino D’Santiago found his voice in Cape Verde, creating a sound between the funaná and afro-house. The anthem “Nova Lisboa” and “Nós Funaná” are part of the Mundu Nôbu of the artist, which the critic of PÚBLICO gave 4 stars to the album. 2018 was the debut year of this new album by Dino D’Santiago, through EuroVisão (edition held in Lisbon) crossing the inspirations between the various cultures that the artist has always admired. Mundu Nôbu has production of Kalaf Epalanga and executive production of the British Seiji. It premiered live in Lisbon in November at the Super Bock Festival in Stock 2018.

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