APRIL 22nd | Game of Thrones, Banquet + Exhibition ep. 2 🗓 🗺


Casa Raposo opens its lair for a projection of the second episode of the final season of the War of the Thrones.
Our guests will be greeted with delicate delicacies from Westeros and liqueurs worthy of a Tyrion Lannister.
For information and reservations send your crow to our address, houseraposo@gmail.com.
“The night is long and full of terrors” … Do not pass it by yourself, join the people of Westeros at Casa Raposo for this one that will be the most epic battle ever, Dracarys!

House Raposo opens his doors for the screening of the second episode of the new and final Game of Thrones season. Our guests will be welcomed with Westerosi delicacies and beverages fit for Tyrion Lannister. for more info and reservations please send your crow to houseraposo@gmail.com.
The night is dark and full of terrors, do not spend it alone. Join Home Raposo’s people for the battle of the ages, Dracarys!

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