Are there ideas for solving the plastic problem? Earn 1 million dollars


Until June 11 ‘Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge’ is accepting innovative ideas and ideas.

Do you know an alternative to plastic that solves the ‘problem’ of excessive use of this material? So know that your idea can be worth up to one million dollars (about 900 thousand euros). The ‘Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge’ competition is a global challenge that seeks “innovative solutions”.

Those interested in the program can submit their ideas until June 11 through this link. Then a team of experts will analyze the ideas, help improve those with the most potential and the winners will be announced in December, according to a statement.

The competition consists of three categories. In the area of ​​’Design and Circular Economy,’ the winners receive a prize in the amount of 100 thousand dollars and the second classified 45 thousand dollars. In the ‘Data Visualization / Communication’ area, the winners will receive a prize of US $ 10,000, while projects related to the ‘Design and Circular Economy’ areas can apply for aggregate funding of up to the US $ 1 million.

The ‘Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge’ challenge is a partnership between National Geographic and Sky Ocean Ventures, which is a Sky investment fund dedicated to innovative projects related to plastic pollution.

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