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Aurea – “I didn’t mean it”


Director: António Aleixo
Director of Photography: Mário Guilherme
Editor: António Barbot
Producer: TOM + JELLY
Executive Producer: Pedro Filipe Santos
Production: Maria Pimenta
Correção de cor: Mário Guilherme
Styling: Catarina
Hair Stylist: Miguel Stapleton
Makeup Artist: Rui Canendo

Producers – Cindy Blackman Santana and Jack Daley

Piano – David K. Mathews
Cello – Dave Eggars
Back ground vocals – Khadijiah Mohammed, Gedeon Luke, Evvie Mckinney
Piano and Lead Vocal – recorded at Studio at the palms
Engineer Mark Everton Gray
Cello and back ground vocals recorded at Shorefire recording Studio engineer Joseph Demaio
Mixed by Jack Daley
Mastering Dave Mcnair


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