Avanca Cine-Club President Receives International Distinction

The chairman of Avanca’s Cine-Club, António Costa Valente, was honoured at the Kinolitopys – International Documentary Film Festival in Kiev, which ran from November 22nd to 25th, the association said.

According to a press release from the Cine-Club of Avanca, Costa Valente received a distinction with the indication “for long-term work in promoting the world of cinema” (by the long work in the promotion of the world of the cinema).

Costa Valente, who was in Kiev to give a master class under the theme “Real life in modern cinema“, received the distinction of the hands of Larysa Iefymenko, director of the festival.

António Costa Valente has been active in the production and production of more than a hundred movies, which in turn have received more than three hundred prizes in countries on five continents.

In addition to being a director linked to several associations, Costa Valente has been running the Avanca International Film Festival for 22 years and has participated in the programming of several cinematographic events and juries at various international festivals.

A university professor, his PhD thesis dealt with the production of the first and so far only feature-length animation of Portuguese cinema, which he produced and co-edited.

Recently, with Monica Musoni, she finished the documentary “Pretu Funguli“, which involved filming in Guinea-Bissau, Brazil, France, Macau and Portugal.

The festival “Kinolitopys“, which celebrated its 15th edition this year, featured a selection of international documentaries, with the jury awarding the grand prize to the documentary “From the Edge of Sanity” by Milana Majar (Bosnia-Herzegovina).

Among other awards, the jury also awarded the Portuguese film “Tuning People, Birds and Flowers” by Luís Margalhau.

This documentary, produced by Margas Filmes and Cine-Clube de Avanca, addresses the creative and pedagogical intervention of the musician and teacher of the University of Aveiro, Paulo Maria Rodrigues.

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