Bee Engineering increases company interactivity with Hyper Casual Games

Bee Engineering’s digital experiences division, Nectar Interactive, is helping brands and businesses make a double impact on their audiences through Hyper Casual Games.

In a phase of necessary social distance, this unit bet on the help of companies with the development of a genre of mobile games that have better results of interaction, that are faster to conceive and whose success is reflected in the increase of downloads in the North American market in 76.4% in 2020 compared to the same period last year.

In the current pandemic context, brands have had to find new experiences and ways to reach consumers directly.

Digital has become the primary channel to impact the target audience. Hyper Casual Games guarantee diversification and interaction results far superior to those traditionally obtained through advertising or content on social networks.

Hyper Casual Games invest in the development of simple and appealing mechanics, which allows them to have a shorter creation time than normal games. Its concept can be used in a Playable Ad, for example.

Currently the rate of uninstalling apps on a mobile phone reaches 25% in the first hour and at the end of a month at 64%. Playable ads allow you to increase Life Time Value (LTV) as the user already knows what to expect from the app. When applied, retention rates rise to 30-40%.

André Santos, Nectar Interactive

This model helps advertisers to save money. Although the value per installation is higher than a video or banner, the Return on Investment (ROI) turns out to be higher because it eliminates users who would have a lower engagement.

According to André Santos, Product Manager at Nectar Interactive “This experience has allowed us to be more effective in designing new ideas that we can apply to the digital campaigns of the brands we work with. It also speeds up the process of developing solutions, thus managing to have a faster response in a very demanding market with regard to the execution time of new forms of communication”.

Nectar Interactive helps brands and businesses to have disruptive communication in the digital context. It enhances your message to new audiences, through the use of emerging technologies and concepts.

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