Beetyte podcast helps promote innovation and technology

The first guest of the podcast is Inês Santos Silva from Portuguese Women in Tech

International Podcast Day marked with the debut of a new means of disseminating Innovation and Technology with Beetyte

On the International Podcast Day, September 30, Bee Engineering debuts Beetyte, a podcast that aims to promote knowledge in the areas of Innovation and Technology. With a monthly periodicity and an extension not exceeding 30 minutes, you will have a special guest in each episode. The first is already available on Spotify and Anchor, here, and has the participation of Inês Santos Silva, co-founder of Portuguese Women in Tech.

Beetyte‘s debut comes with an interview with one of the best-known faces in the Portuguese Women in Tech community. The work done in supporting, training, and attracting more women to the technological sector is meritorious. The organization is responsible for promoting initiatives such as the Portuguese Women in Tech Awards, the Salary Transparency Project and the Future Female Founders, a recently launched program that aims to inspire and support women in the creation of start-ups.

The designation Beetyte results from a combination of the brand name with the term Byte, the unit of measurement that is at the heart of the digital revolution. The launch of the podcast helps Bee Engineering to promote themes and values ​​that are fundamental to it: innovation; technology; diversity; inclusion and entrepreneurship.

The monthly program will be available on channels such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Breaker, Castbox, RadioPublic in addition to Spotify and Anchor.

According to José Leal e Silva, Executive Director of Bee Engineering, “Companies, due to their role in the market and influence in the future, have various responsibilities towards society. One of them is to promote equality and free dissemination of useful information to society. It is in this context that Beetyte was born, a way for Bee Engineering to participate in this responsibility of bringing more and more people, quality content in the area of ​​Information Technologies”.

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