Benfica beats Paços de Ferreira at Estádio da Luz

Eagles beat Paços de Ferreira 5-0 on Friday.

More than 63,000 spectators watched a quiet Benfica triumph on Saturday at Estádio da Luz on the Portuguese League’s opening day.

A chord of five chords, in which the conductor was again Pizzi, with two more goals signed, a Nuno Tavares who signed the best ‘musical’ of Luz, following a goal, two assists, Seferovic, who despite being out of tune, still shone with a note, pardon … a goal in the mouth of the goal. Luz also said goodbye with a final touch from Carlos Vinícius, who stamped the ‘manita’.

Similar to what had already happened in the duel against Sporting for the Cândido de Oliveira Super Cup, the Eagles struggled to break into the vault.

Against Paços de Ferreira, Rául de Tomás even started to “spice up” the fans who had two crosses for Seferovic but did not get the best response from the Swiss international.

Filipe Rocha’s pupils had their sleeves rolled up in the Luz and, with Diaby resulting in the worst ‘tornado’ for Benfica’s midfield, the Eagles were struggling to take off ‘in space, but the story was ordered to be written in red and white.

On 18 minutes, Grimaldo almost ‘kissed’ the goal, but the ball went clear of Ricardo Ribeiro’s goal bar after eight minutes Nuno Tavares signed a monumental goal in Luz after an arched shot that was untenable for the pacense guardian.

The red washing machine started working and the ‘drum’ started to spin harder and, five minutes later, a penalty, punishing a hand from Bruno Santos, led Benfica to 2-0. Pizzi converted the maximum punishment, scoring his third goal in two official games.

The beavers still reacted and even netted in the 39th minute, but Douglas Tanque fired in an irregular position. As in the first half, Paços again showed the muscle in the first minutes of the complementary stage, but from 60 ‘the tale of a night in the rain ended with a good win.

It rained well in Luz, but not for that reason Pizzi turned off the electricity in her boots. In the 63rd minute, he served in Seferovic’s silver tray for the third, but the Swiss failed outrageously, but seven minutes were enough to correct the previous failure and extend the marker in the red amphitheater, following an assist from a newly delivered… Chiquinho. In between, attention to the expulsion of Bernardo Martins, by the accumulation of yellow, following a foul on Nuno Tavares.

Bruno Lage’s pupils turned on the steamroller and the best man on the field once again did damage. Pizzi kicked into the room after assisted by Nuno Tavares. The same Nuno Tavares who would put his name on the service servers, this time for the goal of the newly entered and reinforcer Carlos Vinícius.

Benfica is still packed in multiples of five and, on the next day, Belenenses SAD follows, in a duel to be held in Jamor.

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