Benfica ‘sinks’ in the Luz: Oliveirense becomes two-time national champion


Oliveira de Azeméis team revalidates the title in Pavilhão da Luz.

A year has passed and the basketball throne continues to be occupied by Oliveirense, who revalidated the champion tracks on Monday at the Pavilhão da Luz.

The formation of Oliveira de Azeméis defeated the Eagles in the fourth game, by 97-72, reaching an unprecedented two-time champion.

At half-time, Norberto Alves won 53-41, with Travante Williams taking the lead at the moment, with 21 points and four assists.

In the second part, Oliveirense fired the marker and at the end of the third period the difference was already fixed in the 12 points (71-59), so at the end of the meeting the two formations were separated by a distance of 25 points. .


Benfica: Micah Downs, Cantero, Fábio Lima, Halmann and Gladness.

Oliveirense: José Barbosa, Williams Travante, Eric Coleman, Thomas Thaey and Thomas Ellisor.

Play-off of the final

Game 1: Oliveirense vs Benfica, 85-75

Game 2: Oliveirense vs Benfica, 74-81

Game 3: Benfica vs Oliveirense, 82-87

Game 4: Benfica vs Oliveirense, 72-97

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