Benfica wins Eléctrico and is in the Futsal League Cup final


Benfica’s futsal team beat the Eléctrico, 4-0,  in the Futsal League Cup semi-final and head to the final where they will meet Sporting.

The Matosinhos Congress and Sports Center, where the Futsal League Cup final take’s place, Benfica beat Eléctrico’s team with goals from Robinho in the first minute, Fits on 13′ and Rafael Henmi at 36 and 39 minutes of the match.

Alentejo’s team from Electrico repeated the classification of last season again.

In Benfica’s first play, Robinho opened the scoring after Bello’s ball loss. At 13 minutes new mistake of the Eléctrico, Rodriguinho was anticipated by Robinho who assisted Fits for the second of Benfica.

Although Eléctrico tried to get around the game, they lacked efficiency and Rodriguinho’s yellow double ended the game for Eléctricoending the game with the advanced goalkeeper, suffering two more goals from Benfica, Rafael Hemni on 36 and 39 minutes.

Today at 19.45 (Portuguese time) is the final where Sporting that beat Modicus 5-0 in the other semi-final, will be the opponent of Benfica, in a game that promises to be one of the best games in the world of futsal.

Today is the fifth final of this competition and will be the tie between winners, with two wins for Sporting, 2015/16 and 2016/17, and two for Benfica, 2017/18 and 2018/19, 2 of the best teams. of futsal in the world.

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