Bento Amaral is named “Wine Person Of The Year” by Wine Enthusiast magazine

Bento Amaral, Director of Technical and Certification Services at the Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e Porto, I.P (IVDP), has just been nominated for the “Wine Person Of The Year” award by the prestigious North American wine magazine, Wine Enthusiast.

This award is given to personalities and companies that have made a remarkable contribution to the world of wine and other alcoholic beverages. It covers 15 categories, in which the winners will be announced in the magazine’s “Best of the Year” edition.

In 1999, Bento Amaral started working at IVDP, where he was Head of the Chamber of tasters until 2013. Currently, he is the Director of Technical and Certification Services, a department that certifies Douro and Port wines.

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