BMW iX is the new electric car with 600 km of autonomy

After much anticipation and expectation on the part of BMW fans and electrified vehicle aficionados, the German brand today finally presented its new electric car, the BMW iX.

The iX is described as being fully electric, automatic, and connected and features a design that BMW says it wants to redefine the concept of Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). The BMW iX still maintains the grille is a clear sign of this – with the German brand focusing on the experience of the vehicle’s occupants. The minimalist design of the exterior is associated with the functionalities of the interior that value safety and comfort.

BMW made a point of reducing controls to the bare essentials, not wanting to distract the driver from the hexagonal-shaped steering wheel in front of him. As support is the curved screen with all the information the driver may need.

Regarding the performance of the BMW iX, this car has two electric motors capable of a maximum power of 370kW, equivalent to 500 horsepower. At the same time, BMW wanted to ensure energy efficiency, with the German brand indicating that the iX is capable of 21 kWh per 100 km in the WLTP test cycle.

The company adds that the BMW iX will be able to cover 600 km on a single charge. Regarding energy supply, BMW equipped the iX with a fast charge of up to 200kW, which allows recharging between 10% to 80% of its charge in less than 40 minutes. In fact, according to BMW, it will be possible to cover 120km with a charge of just 10 minutes.

So far the BMW iX has everything to position itself as one of the great electric cars of the future, but the German brand is aware that more is needed to guarantee its space in this market. That is why the German brand has integrated a new technological toolkit, which is intended to serve as a basis for significant progress in the area of ​​autonomous driving.

Production of the BMW iX is expected to begin in the second half of next year and the German brand expects to launch it before the end of 2021.

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