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Cape Verdean artists get together and create the NaSofá Festival

More than 70 Cape Verdean artists will perform online at the NaSofá Festival from April 5th to 11th

This initiative will count on the participation of more than 70 Cape Verdean artists, from different corners of the globe, who will be in sync to inspire everyone to fight this stage that we are going through.

The world is in quarantine, due to the covid-19 and Cape Verde is no exception. Public health and people’s mental health are at stake, and artists have an important contribution to make at the moment, but all cultural events are suspended, so this virtual festival is the solution”, said the producer.

The event, which was inspired by similar movements that are happening around the world, aims to be a tool for creating proximity in this moment of isolation and a source of good energy transmission.

The broadcast of the concerts will be made through the Instagram accounts of each artist and the performances will last for 30 minutes each, and are on the artist program such as Boss AC, Calema, Mayra Andrade, Hélio Batalha, Kiddye Bonz, Elji Batzkilla, Mário Lúcio , Lura, Fattú Djakité, Djodje, and many many more.

Follow everything on the Festival’s Instagram page

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