Carlos Alberto Moniz celebrates 50 years with friends

50 years later ... at Casino Estoril

Carlos Alberto Moniz one of the big names of Portuguese music, which has dazzled us over 50 years with songs and poems that will never be forgotten, was at Casino Estoril among friends and presented his new album “O amor virá mais tarde

There were many songs that went through Casino Estoril by this musician, composer, conductor and performer, whose guests were Silvestre Fonseca, Vitorino, Dani Silva, Rui Veloso, Lúcia Moniz and Samuel, on a memorable night.

It was with “Charamba” that Carlos Alberto Moniz started the night at the Casino, alone on stage accompanied by a guitar, like so many other times when he enchanted Portugal to the sound of the guitar, voice and unforgettable melodies.

Then friends came on stage, Sivestre Fonseca, Vitorino, C.A.M. (Carlos Alberto Moniz), then sang “Saudade” music that links the Azores, Cape Verde and Portugal.

Then it was time for Dani Silva, one of the biggest names in Cape Verde and a longtime friend, to go on stage and sing with C.A.M. “Saudade” a song made famous by Cesária Évora.

C.A.M. also paid tribute to Rui Pato, who was a pioneer in the presentation in Portugal of original music from the Azores, Ary dos Santos, José Mario Branco and Pedro Barroso, among others.

In the company of Carlos Araújo on guitar, Hugo Carvalhais on double bass, Antonio Agostinho on mandolin and bandola and Luís Ruvina on Orgão Hammond, C.A.M. started to present the songs of the new album “O amor virá mais tarde”.

The album that among others, has lyrics, by Fernando Pessoa, Gandi and the participation of Rui Veloso who with Lucia Moniz, daughter of Carlos Alberto Moniz, took the stage of the Casino to accompany him.

Also, Saul, who with him and Pedro Osório, participated in Grupo S.A.R.L., and interpreted “Uma Canção Comercial” at the RTP 1979 Festival, ranking in 3rd place, was present at the Casino.

Carlos Alberto Moniz also had a surprise guest who was present through a video recording, the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who left a message of appreciation on behalf of all the Portuguese to this Portuguese musician, who gave us so many, but still, have a lot to give us as proof his new album.

Set List

  • Charamba
  • Olhos Pretos – with Silvestre Fonseca
  • Pastor / Lira – com Vitorino
  • Saudade
  • Saudade- with Dany Silva
  • Fado Coimbra
  • Confissão
  • O Amor virá Mais Tarde
  • Era Linda – with Lúcia Moniz
  • Cupido
  • Para Ti
  • Perco-me – with Rui Veloso
  • Espelho
  • O Amor FP
  • À descoberta do Amor
  • Retrato – with Rui Veloso
  • O Beijo
  • Tu Voltas – with Lúcia Moniz
  • A Oriente
  • Patxi
  • Eu tenho de fazer uma canção – with Lúcia Moniz and Samuel
  • Era um homem de sucesso
  • O amor…
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