‘Casa de Papel’ marks 25th of April and Berlin sings ‘Grândola Vila Morena’


Actors of the ‘House of Paper’ do not leave important date for the Portuguese to go blank.

From Carnation in hand, the Berlin character of the famous Netflix series ‘Casa de Papel’ sings ‘Grândola Vila Morena’, marking the Day of Freedom in Portugal.

After singing a few verses of the song that represents the 25 of April of 74, the actor finishes saying: ‘by the freedom, always’.

The video was published on Facebook of Netflix, the page that, incidentally, dedicates today its cover photograph to the Carnation Revolution.

In this image, two other characters of the same series with the same motto appear: “for freedom, always“.

To remember that the ‘House of Paper’ gave particular emphasis to a song of the Italian resistance, ‘Bella Ciao’, that all fans of the series have certainly on the tip of the tongue.

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