Casino Espinho promotes dinners with live music

In September, Casino Espinho organizes three themed dinners with live music, which aim to value and enhance the best national flavors, such as beer, fish and alisco and wine.

On the 12th of September, at the sound of Trips, Casino Espinho proposes a special menu harmonized with 1927 Selection beers. The menu includes suggestions such as salmon and apple ceviche in “Abade”, sea puff pastry with Bengel splashes, larded steer with bacon, and red fruits in the flavor of Munich sauce and a panna cotta of lime and peach flavored with “Japanese rice”.

The flavors of the coast set the tone for the Gastronomy of the Sea menu that Casino Espinho proposes on the 19th of September. The dinner highlights the best fish and seafood, with dishes such as fish soup, oyster gratin, prawns al ajillo, clams à Bulhão Pato, fish stew, and finally, a chocolate tiramisu with lime topping. The dinner dedicated to the flavors of the Sea features live music by Lilian Raquel & Miguel Braga.

On the last Saturday of the month (26), Casino Espinho organizes a wine dinner where the wines of the Douro Alves de Sousa harmonize with a menu specially prepared for the occasion.

Accompanied by the live music of Anabela & André Barbosa, the dinner starts with aubergine with a filling of the field, followed by an octopus fillet in love with lemon and a veal treat in the flavor of the forest, ending with a temptation of grape-flavored mousse.

With a privileged location next to the beach, Casino Espinho offers entertainment and leisure options, and a contemporary gastronomic offer, in an elegant and relaxed environment, where all the safety conditions stipulated by the health authorities and certified by the “Clean & Safe” seal are guaranteed ”Of Turismo de Portugal.

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