Casino Estoril hosts the Sophia Awards ceremony on 17 September

Next Thursday, September 17th, Casino Estoril will host the eighth edition of the Sophia Awards, an initiative of the Portuguese Cinema Academy. This is the annual celebration of Portuguese Cinema that takes place, once again, in the Salão Preto e Prata, with television broadcasting, from 10.15 pm, on RTP2.

In a year that proved to be particularly challenging for Portuguese Cinema and for all its professionals, the Sophia Awards ceremony will be dedicated to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Portuguese Cinema Center, a pivotal moment in the History of Portuguese Cinema.

The ceremony of the eighth edition of the Sophia Awards will also include the musical performances of Sérgio Godinho, Manuel Freire, Mafalda Sacchetti, Agir and Gaspar Varela.

As in previous editions, the Awards will be awarded in 23 categories, including Best Film, Best Leading Actor, Best Leading Actress and Best Director.

The most nominated films for Sophia 2020 are “Variações”, by João Maia, about the musician António Variações, with 17 nominations, “A Herdade”, by Tiago Guedes, with 15, and “Vitalina Varela”, by Pedro Costa, and “Diamantino”, by Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt, both with six nominations.

For Sophia for the best film, “Variações”, “A Herdade”, “Diamantino” and “Vitalina Varela” are indicated, with the respective filmmakers nominated for best performance.

The main roles are Albano Jerónimo in “A Herdade”, Carloto Cotta in “Diamantino”, Igor Regalla in “Gabriel”, Sérgio Praia in “Variações”, Inês Castel-Branco in “Snu”, Margarida Vila-Nova in “Hotel Império”, Sandra Faleiro in“ A Herdade ”and Vitalina Varela in“ Vitalina Varela ”.

For a better documentary, “Até que o porno nos separe”, by Jorge Pelicano, “Chuva é cantoria na aldeia dos mortos”, by Renée Nasser Medora and João Salaviza, “Lupo”, by Pedro Lino, and “Terra Franca”, by Leonor Teles.

The career award will be given to directors Alfredo Tropa, António-Pedro Vasconcelos and Fernando Matos Silva. The complete List of Nominees is available for consultation on the website of the Portuguese Cinema Academy, at

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