Celebrations in Honor of Santo António 2019 🗓 🗺


Annual celebrations of the Church of Picassinos in Honor of Saint Anthony.


Friday, 14

4 p.m – Opening of the camp with ambient music.
6 p.m – Opening of the Restaurant and Bar.
8:30 p.m – Mass, followed by Procession of the candles to N. S. of Fatima.
10 p.m – Opening of the Quermesse. KEY LOVE Group Performance

Saturday, 15

10 a.m – Beginning of ambient music in the camp.
6 p.m – Opening of the camp with Bar, Quermesse, and Restaurant.
6:30 p.m – ZUMBA class with Filipa Carvalho
10 p.m – Performance of OS LORD’S Musical Group

Sunday, 16

9:30 a.m – Arrival of the Pombalense Artistic Philharmonic.
10 a.m – Collection of Andores and offers on the streets of the places, brightened by the Philharmonic.
3 p.m – MISSA SOLENE, followed by Procession with the majestic Andores, accompanied by the Fanfarra dos Bombeiros V.Mª Grande and Philharmonic Artistic Pombalense.
5 p.m – Sale of products brought in the Andores and opening of the camp with Bar, and Quermesse.
7 p.m – Opening of the Restaurant.
8 p.m – Performance by JOSÉ FERNANDO
11:30 p.m – Raffle Draw.
12 p.m – Closing of the 2019 Festivities.

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