Chakall takes over the kitchen destinations of Hotel The Pr1me Energize in Monte Gordo

The Pr1me Energize, a hotel located in Monte Gordo, Algarve, has just announced Chef Chakall as the new executive chef for its restaurant spaces: Fuel Restaurant by Chakall, Fuel Rooftop and The Pr1me Beach Club.

From July 1st, all the cards have the unmistakable and creative touch of the Argentine chef and are intended to be a celebration of typical Algarve products in a fusion with flavors of the world.

This is the proposal of The Pr1me Energize, which welcomes Chakall as the new executive chef of the various restaurant spaces from 1 July. A renewed menu that will bring to the table products from the sea, but also from the Algarve mountains.

From agricultural products to meat, still influenced by her mother’s kitchen, where she grew up, or even the countless trips she has made throughout her life that have shaped her way of being in life and, of course, in the kitchen.

Carrot, ginger and orange soup from the Algarve, Ripe Picanha, Shrimp Ramen, Salmon Bowl, Tuna Tataki with orange couscous or Cod with fig syrup are some of the proposals already available in the Fuel Restaurant by Chakall menu.

The arrival of Chef Chakall in the kitchen controls at The Pr1me Energize is a bet of continuity in the focus of a healthy, Mediterranean, balanced and nutritionally rich cuisine, but with the twist of creativity characteristic of the Argentine chef.

This challenge is also in the sweets and desserts that reflect a low sugar content such as the sweet potato and carob brownie with cream ice cream, the Xarém cake, almond and pear or the Alfajores with carob cream.

This partnership also extends from the 1st of July to The Prme Beach Club and Fuel Rooftop, privileged spaces to enjoy the Monte Gordo beach or the sunset next to the hotel’s swimming pool.

According to Frederico Mira, Director of the Prime Hotels Group, “the invitation to Chef Chakall takes place in the year of the third anniversary of Restaurante Fuel. Our ‘Eat Good’ positioning was very consistent from the start and there was a need for someone who would meet this concept in an organic way.

Chef Chakall signs the Fuel letter today, but in addition to the excellence of products, techniques and know-how, we see the Fuel lifestyle: tasty, quality food to be experienced with family and friends in a modern and inviting space, which has already won highlight in the Algarve! ”.

In this new adventure to the south, Chakall highlights “the pillars of The Prime Energize ‘sleep well, eat good, be active, experience more’ that captivated and challenged me to create dishes and experiences that fit a lifestyle consistent with the proposals of the Hotel.

The particularly challenging time that we live in seems to me adequate to reiterate not only these principles, but also a more sustainable cuisine and a search for local and genuinely Algarve products that will give a very special stamp to the dishes. And then … then we have Monte Gordo beach which is an incredible setting to embrace this new project! ”

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