Charles Watson English singer-songwriter presents his album in Ovar and Ponte de Lima 🗓


Now That I’m A River is the debut solo album by English singer-songwriter and producer Charles Watson (Slow Club) and was written and recorded in the autumn and winter of 2016/2017. In this debut album, Charles Watson relied on the close collaboration of David Glover at Tesla Studios in Sheffield.

In Now That I’m the River, Charles Watson drew on the theme and language used by JG Ballard in Hello America as well as his own writing universe. If it were not for him, Charles Watson, a former student at St Martins and at The Faber Academy.

In this first solo album, Charles Watson uses a very interesting production technique: the voices we hear in the background throughout the album are samples of his voice. Exception made to the title theme where The Deep Throat Choir participates.

The first single Abandoned Buick can already be heard on the radio.

Dates in Portugal:

May 17, 2019
Ovar Art Center

May 18, 2019
Teatro Diogo Bernardes Ponte de Lima



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