Chef Chakall launches ‘Chakall at Home’ service

From now on it will be possible to receive at home a selection of dishes from the Argentine chef’s spots, located in Marvila! No delivery fee and 7 days a week, this is how Chakall launches its own Chakall delivery service at home.

In this way, the customer accustomed to attending any of the spaces in the eastern part of the city, can choose to have flavors from different geographies at home or in the office, at a longer time, in a convenient and practical way.

In addition to continuing to be able to frequent the 3 spaces or choose to take away, at the scheduled times (although reduced), Chakall now offers its own delivery service to be closer to its customers and friends. The service also plans to cover 10 different areas of the city of Lisbon, always guaranteeing the quality of the service and food products.

With the Chakall em Casa service, dishes from three restaurants can be ordered simultaneously: in one order, dishes from El Bulo Social Club, the Senhor Abel Refectory or Chakburger Marvila can be ordered, to satisfy all tastes, wants, and food options!

  • Contacts for orders: 218 688 023 or 218 619 027
  • Delivery times: Friday to Sunday 12h-23h30; Monday to Thursday 12h-22h30
  • Delivery areas: Areeiro, Beato, Marvila, Moscavide, Olaias, Olivais, Parque das Nações, Penha de França,
    Sacavém and Xabregas

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