Ci.CLO Bienal launches 1st Green Guide in Europe to mark World Environment Day

On June 8th, at 3:00 p.m. on the launch of the first green guide in Europe “CREATIVE RESPONSES TO SUSTAINABILITY – PORTUGAL GREEN GUIDE 2019”, in the auditorium of the Almeida Garrett Library, researchers, artists, and curators will reflect and discuss issues related to the themes of the Biennial. The event is open to the public without prior registration.

Portugal Green Guide 2019, with the edition of ASEF The Asia-Europe Foundation is a work developed in partnership with the Ci.CLO Photography Platform. This guide maps some of the Portuguese art structures committed to social and environmental issues.

The Green Guide will present artistic organizations that carry out activities anchored in sustainability cultures, offering a global vision of the impact of this work that aims to stimulate collaboration and discussion among a wide audience, including cultural sectors, governmental, environmental and community organizations.

The curatorial proposal of Ci.CLO Bienal’19, “Adaptation and Transition”, considers the role of artistic practice as a means of reflection and awareness for the development of sustainability strategies.

The symposium will be attended by Virgílio Ferreira, artistic director of the Ci.CLO Biennial and coordinator of the publication; Valentina Riccardi, representative of the Asia Europe Foundation and coordinator of Green Guide; guest speaker Tim Clark, editor and curator of London’s photo magazine 1000 Words Magazine, and the researchers of the project guide green: Gil Penha-Lopes, activist and researcher of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon; Nancy Duxbury, researcher at the Center for Of the University of Coimbra; Ana Carvalho, manager of the Ci.CLO Bienal project; Jayne Dyer, artist and investigator.

At the end of the round table, there will be a discussion session in order to stimulate other perspectives on the contents and ideas put forward by the speakers. A group of guests occupying the place of the and audience of the symposium are invited to participate in the discussion, contributing to expand the issues raised during the debate.

Speaker presentations will be in the English language.


Virgílio Ferreira
Introduction to the theme of the Ci.CLO Biennial Photography of Porto.

Tim Clark
Presentation of photographic projects, artistic and curatorial strategies that are related to the
theme and mission of Ci.CLO Biennial Photography of Porto.

● Valentina Riccardi
● Gil Penha Lopes
● Nancy Duxbury
● Ana Carvalho
● Jayne Dyer
● Virgílio Ferreira

Virgílio Ferreira
Introduction of the partnership between Ci.CLO and the Asia-Europe Foundation.

Valentina Riccardi
The mission and objectives of the Asia-Europe Foundation; the impact of previous publications; Creative Responses to Sustainability; the choice of Portugal for the 2019 edition; importance and relevance of the guide for the Ci.CLO Biennial Photography of Porto.
Launching and presentation of the Green Guide, published by the Asia-Europe Foundation and developed by Ci.CLO Photography Platform.

Gil Penha Lopes
Presentation on sustainable development projects, implementation strategies and action.
Renew and debate sustainability through community-led initiatives.

Nancy Duxbury
Art and Culture in Transformation Toward a Greater Sustainability: future directions in the area of sustainability and the arts.
The role of cultural and artistic activities in sustainability narratives and global trends; the future involvement and creation of arts organizations focused on sustainability in Portugal; The holistic view of sustainability cultures and the “aspirational and inspirational potential”. New perspectives that promote discussion and reflection on the relationship between art and sustainability; in that these narratives can generate change and connect a local and global community including artists, scientists, writers, art organizations, politicians, public and private financing.

Ana Carvalho
The mapping and macro trends in Portugal that contextualize the arts organizations in Portugal within a broader movement of actions/agents/projects inserted in this theme. The relationship between geographic distribution and artistic areas, reflecting and debating the longevity and continuity of these arts organizations.

Jayne Dyer
Moderation and mediation of the debate; conclusion.

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