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The pandemic has changed the behavior of consumers at a dizzying speed, who want to return to everything they abandoned due to circumstances.

We are about to enter a new era, still without a certain date, which will represent a great opportunity for all those who know how to interpret what is happening and anticipate future trends.

It is in this scenario that ISEG Executive Education organizes on October 29, at 18h15, the Webinar “Redefining Customer Experience in Turbulent Times”, by Rui Santos, President of the Board of the Association of Customer Service Professionals and coordinator of the executive program “Transforming Customer Experince – How to Create Passionate Customers”.

“The past is a place that was left behind and where it will no longer be possible to return, hence the extreme importance for organizations to monitor what experiences Clients are valuing, to respond quickly to the market, abandoning bureaucratic and inflexible organizational models”, Explains Rui Santos.

During the session, trends and new habits that will remain beyond the pandemic and what buying behaviors and habits people will return to as soon as possible will be discussed.

This Webinar integrates a cycle of sessions that aims to enable professionals and organizations to face the most recent crisis, which will require changes in society and business. Participation in the webinar is free but requires prior registration.

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