D.A.M.A enchants in Terras de Bouro


Terras de Bouro is a Portuguese village in the district of Braga, northern region and sub-region of Cávado, with about 700 inhabitants, and where the municipality prepared a festive program for all who travel to the region, that occurred between the 1st and 5th of August.

The program included the humorist Herman José, the bands Anjos and D.A.M.A, the musician Helder Batista and the brass bands Carvalheira and S. João da Madeira.

On the last day, 5th August, the headliners were the Portuguese band D.A.M.A. who have been playing together since 2008.

The band currently consists of Francisco Maria Pereira (Kasha), Miguel Coimbra and Miguel Cristovinho, and the musicians Ariel Rosa (drums), Francesco Meoli (keyboard), Pedro Joaninho and Pedro Mourato (guitars)
Regarding the concert there are no words to describe, the photos speak for themselves.

You could also watch the ethnographic parade of local communities, the folk festival and the wheels of concertina players

There was also church mass, the procession in honor of São Brás and the horse race.

A special thanks to Mr. Joaquim Fonseca and Mr. Edno.

(Photos taken by: Carolina Costa, Ana Teresa Sá and Inês Fontes)



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