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David Fonseca | Braga 🗓 🗺


David Fonseca is known for his shows and his outstanding performance, never knowing exactly what might happen next. For this year, he prepared something he had long wanted to do and titled “Radio Gemini_Closer”: the intersection of cinema and images with his music in a unique show that aims to take the audience on an intimate journey through their unique imagery. A unique opportunity to discover many of the secret paths this artist walks through his compositions and eyes, an interactive real-time movie to follow along with his live performance. According to David Fonseca, “There is an immensely personal side to this approach, but perhaps that is the magic of playing live, of revealing myself as I rarely have the opportunity to do. It’s going to be a show on a tightrope between images and sounds, as real and fragile as life, but bigger, louder and, if all goes well, with confetti! ”Not to be missed.



cheap things to do
Theatro Circo - Avenida da Liberdade, n.º 697 - Braga Map

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