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Deftones release their new album “Ohms”

Deftones release their new album and already have a scheduled date of presentation at the North Music Festival.

Finally, the day comes for the launch of the new Deftones‘ album: the long-awaited “Ohms” is now available to the public. The album is signed by Terry Date, the producer who worked with the group on Around the Fur, White Pony and namesake.

Ohms” is Gore‘s successor album (2016) and, through the singles “Ohms” and “Génesis” meanwhile already available, it is noticeable that the path chosen by the band refers to the sound of its past, as expected by a partnership with producer Date.

Chino Moreno has already commented on the Deftones‘ new studio album and reinforced the need for the band to continue to challenge themselves creatively: “There are small things that we tried to do and that aim to separate from what has been done in the past”.

Chino Moreno says that “Ohms” is an unmistakably Deftones album, as the band continues to expand and build based on its roots and its own DNA. “Writing and formatting a song is not difficult. But I think it is more or less to try not to fall into these formulas and just repeat the things that have been done in the past. Even before we did this, at each interview I gave, I was asked: ‘How is the new album? Does it look like the White Pony? Does it sound like that? ’I don’t think so. I think if I had to choose a record, I could probably find one that sounded more like it. Obviously, there will be elements. I think it’s still us, and my voice is still my voice. We all have our own characteristics. I think that when you hear a Deftones song, you can say it’s us, but the idea is to expand what we did in the past so that it can be a challenge”.

The vocalist also stated that the Deftones did not try to completely reinvent themselves in “Ohms”, but underlines: “There are little things that I think we tried to do to separate it from what we did in the past. Those are the challenges, and with each registration, that part gets a little more difficult. The more things you have on the palate, the easier it is to repeat some of those things. Therefore, the idea is to try to reach another taste here and there, and to draw things of different influences”.

Deftones will be present at the North Music Festival, on May 21, 2021, where, of course, they will include the presentation of this new album in their show.

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