Doctors create nasal spray against the flu, meningitis and pneumonia


Professor Robert Read of the University Hospital Southampton in the United Kingdom says “that the new drops can be a tremendously effective way of protecting the body against various diseases contracted through the nasal passages.”

A team of British doctors has developed a unique and revolutionary type of nose drops capable of protecting against the flu.

Just a few drops in each nostril have the potential to prevent infection from diseases such as meningitis, pneumonia, and otitis.

Researchers are now testing a group of human volunteers, and further experiments are expected in 2019 and beyond.

Until now, the ability of the nasal spray to prevent all the mentioned conditions has been valid.

For the purpose of this research, Professor Robert Read genetically altered a type of ‘friendly’ bacteria in order to be ingested through the nose and throat.

Modifying bacteria in various ways alters the type of infections they can counteract.

The new treatment aims to prevent the bacteria from entering the bloodstream.

Current influenza vaccines are not always effective since the strain of the virus may not be the same as that included in the original vaccine.

The new nasal spray promises to protect against all possible strains of this virus.

Scientists estimate that droplets will have to be given every six to eighteen months to ensure that bacteria continue to protect the body.

Professor Read said: These drops can actually be an effective way to protect against numerous diseases that can be contracted through breathing. “

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