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10 years is a long time, especially for a band that started without (realizing) it. Incredible as it may seem to them, in 2020 Birds Are Indie mark this round anniversary with the release of “Migrations – The travel diaries”, in two separate editions, one on CD and one on vinyl.

Both formats will feature a revisit of 5 songs from their previous discography, reinterpreted and re-recorded. But as the music seems to emerge naturally, there will also be room for 10 more new tracks, with 5 of them on the CD (to be released in April) and another 5 on vinyl (to be released in September), all by the hand of Lux Records.

With mixing and mastering by João Rui – who at the Blue House studio in Conimbricense worked on albums from bands such as Jigsaw, From Atomic, Raquel Ralha & Pedro Renato and Wipeout Beat – all tracks had their participation on bass and some guest keys special Jorri (Jigsaw), who also collaborated in the recording.

Leading this process, as usual, was in charge of a member of the band, Henrique Toscano, and the same happened with the artwork and design, made by the hand of Joana Corker.

The musical geography of this Coimbra trio is well known and well-defined: its nest was built in the form of a bedroom pop, with folk in the middle, in a minimalist DIY stance, typical of the first flights, as happened with Belle and Sebastian, Yo La Tengo , Moldy Peaches or Juan Wauters.

Over time, the wings of their pop grew and came closer to rock that was taught by names like Lou Reed, Dean Wareham, Black Francis and Stephen Malkmus.

Over these 10 years of history (s), Birds Are Indie have accumulated several trips, some physical and others sonorous. If they have often ventured into discovery, at others they have preferred to return to their starting point.

With difficulty in being in the same place for a long time, they migrated between comfort and detachment, crossing well-known latitudes and somewhat forgotten meridians.

In “Migrations” the idea of ​​going and returning is very present, either because the disc wanders between different periods in the musical and personal life of Ricardo Jerónimo, Joana Corker and Henrique Toscano, or because the motto for the lyrics that compose it is his restlessness, sometimes helpless, sometimes defiant. Basically, who lives between here and there, prefers to be beyond, as the mastery of Variations so well summarized.

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