Dragão remains in the Portuguese Cup after winning Coimbrões


Dragons beat Coimbrões and in the first 12 minutes of the first half, they already won by 3 balls.

After stopping for the matches of the national teams, FC Porto brilliantly and willingly, for the match of the Cup of Portugal and the victim was Coimbrões.

Porto, who scored three goals in 12 minutes, first for Diaz at 6 ‘, Soares at 8’ and Mbemba at 12 ‘, showed that the mission was to win and not to be surprised.

Against Coimbrões, the Porto team did not change their style of play, and not even the many changes in the starting lineup of Conceição showed that they have the capacity to be part of the team during the season.

With Luis Díaz scoring twice, he scored again at 68 ‘, but it was Fábio Silva, the highlight of the game, who scored his first goal for the first team at 17 and three months and dethroned Ruben Neves as the youngest to score with the jersey. Porto’s main event in official matches.

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