“Duetos Crossover” by Yolanda Soares and Bruno Correia is next Saturday

“Duetos Crossover” is a project that bridges two different musical universes, joining lyrical singing with pop rock music and vice versa.

Yolanda Soares, soprano, represents the most lyrical, classic side and meets the voice of Bruno Correia, a special singer, with a lighter voice and pop rock but whose characteristics go beyond the usual vocal approach of the genre, showing that there are no limits nor prejudices regarding music styles.

Everything can be harmonious when the objective is artistic freedom in the creation of new visions and interpretations. Everything lives in perfect harmony in this show, including video mapping projections, one of the novelties that will complement the performances.

It is a concert that tells stories, that reflects and sends messages, mainly of inclusion, of sublimation of difference and respect for the opposite. It is a coexistence in harmony. Crossover Duets intends to go beyond the pre-established and breaks with purism.

The lyrical and the pop sing fado, The rock sings lyrical, the lyrical sings pop. Both lend their voices to a diversity of repertoires, uniting them on a new path. On a bridge that allows you to see the other side of the world. Where art has no barriers.

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