Ecclesiared: ‘Facebook of the Parishes’ has arrived in Portugal

The platform created by the Spanish Jorge Valldecabres and Adrián Rodríguez is present in 75 dioceses around the world.

If people can find love on social networks, why can not they also renew their faith? After all, both depend largely on some help in bringing their agents closer together. It was with this idea in mind that the Spanish Jorge Valldecabres and Adrián Rodríguez, created the largest religious social network in the World: Ecclesiared.

As online communication is “a gift from God”, because it can “facilitate relationships and help promote the good of society,” as Pope Francisco affirmed, Jorge and Adrián created a social network that could not only interconnect the entire religious community of the World but could also help her in the execution of her daily tasks.

Known as ‘Facebook of Parishes’, Ecclesiared is an online management program for churches and the Catholic community, which aims to unite the entire ecclesiastical body on a worldwide scale, according to the statement sent to News by Minute. It already exists in Latin America, Spain, and Ireland and now intends to settle in the Portuguese market.

The platform allows parish priests to access the parish archive immediately and in any place, all of which is computerized by Ecclesiared. What would be delayed or painfully bureaucratic, such as the treatment of events such as baptism, marriage, or the management of the book of masses and the accounting of parishes, becomes much faster.

“With Ecclesiared, parish priests can not only print any type of document in just 30 seconds but also have complete control of information about the parish through statistics and reports or even communicate internally between them in a very simple way,” explained Jorge Valldecabres , CEO of the company, in the same statement.

The ‘Facebook of the Parishes’ currently supports thousands of parishes in 14 countries and 75 dioceses in the world.

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