Ecological Footprint Calculator reaches Municipalities


Developed by the non-governmental organization Global Footprint Network, the Portuguese Ecological Footprint Calculator has begun to reach some Portuguese municipalities with the objective of measuring the impact that human consumption activities have on the natural resources of the planet.

The participating autarchies are:
Guimarães the first and are followed by Lagoa, Castelo Branco, Bragança, Almada and Vila Nova de Gaia until May 30.

Internationally recognized, this methodology “aims to build knowledge and strengthen local capacity in the environment by calculating and interpreting vital data to tackle complex environmental challenges.

This calculator “presented in the Portuguese language and adjusted to the profile of each municipality according to the results obtained during the first year of the project“.

The Ecological Footprint Calculator, since re-launched in 2017, has around 2 million users per year worldwide, and is currently available in six languages,” explains the Zero association.

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