EDPCOOLJAZZ nominated for Best Festival at BEST EVENT AWARDS


In the context of the BEA World Festival (The International Festival of Events and Live Communication), the Best Event Award is considered one of the top and most challenging recognitions in the event industry.
All nominees receive a certificate of excellence and the possibility to present their projects before the jury and audience of the BEA WORLD FESTIVAL in Milan on 28 November.

The evaluation criteria are based on creativity, innovation and effectiveness – criteria taken into account by the outstanding panel of the jury. BEA WORLD is an initiative that recognizes and promotes the excellence of events, communicating them worldwide.

EDPCOOLJAZZ’s 2019 edition added a supportive night, thus creating a total of 8 concerts in Cascais during July. An issue with a range of music ranging from jazz, soul and funk, with names of artists such as The Roots, Tom Jones, Diana Krall, Jamie Cullum (among others). Cascais Lazy Sundays continued to be part of the free admission schedule on Sundays. The festival highlights the comfort, intimate atmosphere and, of course, the unforgettable sceneries surrounding the festival – Marechal Carmona Park and Manuel Possolo Hippodrome in Cascais.

EDPCOOLJAZZ is a Carbon Free festival, where every year all CO2 emitted is offset by EDP in equally sustainable projects and in 2019 was no exception.

In 2019 EDPCOOLJAZZ once again stood out in the music scene, offering a unique experience. For 2020 the festival will be held in Cascais at the Manuel Possolo Hippodrome from July 1st to 31st with the announcement of the first confirmations soon.

EDPCOOLJAZZ’s Live Experiences promoter, since 1999, has been tasked with creating innovative entertainment projects that bring unique experiences and emotions to its viewers and partners – or not its “Creating New Emotions” motto.

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