Electric vehicle sales break record in September

There were almost 2000 electric vehicles (VE) sold in September in Portugal. An increase of 65.3% compared to the same month of 2019. An even more relevant figure when we consider that sales of cars with internal combustion engines fell by approximately 16% in the same period.

The drop in sales of this type of vehicles is over 40% between January and September (93453 instead of 165316 in 2019). Quite different from the electric vehicle market, which has grown almost 40% so far – until September, 12148 VE were sold against 8708 in the same period last year.

Among the EVs sold in September, the largest share was for plug-in hybrids (PHEV), which sold 1,176 units. The 100% electric (BEV) sold 776 units.

Mercedes led sales in plug-in hybrids, with 334 units, followed by BMW (291) and Volvo (241). In the 100% electric, Tesla sold the most in September with 207 units, followed by Renault (100) and Volkswagen (81).

This third place is a surprise since ID.3 has just hit the market. Overall for the year, Tesla leads sales of BEVs with 1064 units, followed by Renault (869) and Nissan (857).

In global terms, from January to September, 105,601 light passenger cars were sold, which means that electric vehicles represent 11.7% of all cars sold in Portugal this year.

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