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ERP Portugal and Phone House promote sustainable practices


By the end of the year, most Phone House stores will provide a solution for the delivery of smartphones and end-of-life batteries, ensuring their treatment and recycling.

This initiative arises from Phone House’s environmental concerns and aims to increase the circularity of materials inside these wastes, allowing them to be reintroduced into the manufacturing process and to treat harmful components that can be found inside eg batteries.

Through this channel, made up of 15 stores nationwide, ERP Portugal increases its proximity collection network and underlines the importance of citizens’ behaviour, which is fundamental to feed the waste management chain, which culminates in its recycling.

Pedro Brehm, Managing Director of Phone House stresses that “As part of the partnership between Phone House and the European Recycling Platform (ERP), we have put in place the first solution for the collection of smartphones and end-of-life batteries. This is yet another step towards reducing the footprint caused by the increase in used smartphones by being efficiently and effectively recycled and substantially reducing their environmental impact. Waste collection from batteries to mobile phones is part of Phone House’s mission to contribute to the reduction of environmentally harmful factors. One more important step in the right direction.

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