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FADO BICHA | Braga 🗓 🗺


Fado Bicha is a musical and activist project composed by Lila Fadista (voice) and João Caçador (electric guitar and other instruments). The project, in all its aspects (thematic, lyrical, visual, musical), rests on a premise of subversion of the heteronormative rule.
Even more so when the reference matrix and the material on which they work is fado, a conservative musical style nurtured by a traditionalist medium.

Through the modification of already sung poems and the creation of new ones, spaces are created for the experimentation of non-normative narratives regarding gender and sexuality.
It is fated to the marrow, intense and torn, and it is queas because it uses the subversion like a language of identities so little represented.

cheap things to do
Theatro Circo - Avenida da Liberdade, n.º 697 - Braga Map

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