FC Porto beats Guimarães but loses to racism


This Sunday, FC Porto won the local victory by 2-1 in Guimarães, now just one point behind Benfica, the leader of the championship, in a match that is undoubtedly marked by racist insults against Marega, forcing even the striker to leave the pitch.

If goals are normally the essential ingredient of the matches, these, refer, passed this Sunday into the background.

In a game that even had moments of good football, the benches were the protagonists of the match, and the 69th minute is marked by the worst reasons.

After much targeting the stands, Marega left the pitch, even after colleagues and coaches tried to stop the striker.

For posterity, beyond this case that tarnishes the image of Portuguese football, Bruno Duarte’s goals remain, for the home team, Douglas’ own goal and Marega’s winning goal.

With this result, the dragons are now just one point away from first place, occupied by Benfica.

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