Fernando Pimenta in history: The best in the world is Portuguese

Pontevedra’s canoeist dream weekend consolidates him as one of the best athletes in the history of our country.

ernando Pimenta signed this weekend one of the most golden pages of Portuguese sport, winning, in less than 48 hours, the gold medals in K1 1000m and K1 5000m in the Canoeing World Championships held in Montemor-o-Velho .

In K1 1000m, this was a debut for the Benfica canoeist, who had already won the bronze in 2015 and the silver in 2017. Already in K1 5000m, the Portuguese returned to prove to be ‘king and sir’, having defended the title collected in the last year, in the Czech Republic.

Two dream days that serve as corollary to 11 years of achievements in the sport. The first of them was in 2005, when, together with Jorge Castro, João Ribeiro and Flávio Pereira, he won the K4 500m champion at the European Youth Olympic Festival held in Italy.

Since then, the natural athlete of Ponte de Lima has not stopped. In all, there are already 69 medals, of which 23 are gold, 26 are silver and 20 are bronze. However, it is not satisfied and has already set the following goal: “It is missing the Olympic gold, the cherry in the top cake of any athlete.”

If, in Portugal, ‘papal records’ is usually synonymous with ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’, the same expression can be used to describe Fernando Pimenta, who, in addition to two gold medals, leaves Montemor-o-Velho with a series of historical records.

He is the first athlete to win, in Portugal, a world title in Olympic discipline. It is also the first to hold, in the same year, two world titles. With the peculiarity of having won both in a single weekend.

He is also the first ever canoeist to win the K1 1000m and K1 5000m races in the same World Cup, and the first European and world champion of K1 1000m in the same year since 2010, succeeding the German Max Hoff.

Fernando Pimenta consolidates, not only as one of the best canoeists ever, as one of the best athletes in the history of Portugal. Come now the Olympic Games.

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