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Fernando Pimenta wins and goes straight to the final of K1 1,000

The canoeist Fernando Pimenta today was directly in the final of K1 1.000 of the II European Games when winning his tie that had two other candidates to the triumph in Minsk.

The world champion in this distance, as well as the 5,000, led from start to finish and finished the race at 3.30.588 minutes, faster than the ‘host’ Aleh Yurenia, which reached 1.003 seconds, and that the Danish René Poulsen, to 1,920.

The final, in which it is probable to rediscover these two rivals, is disputed Wednesday at 10:00, Lisbon time.

Thursday, Fernando Pimenta has the direct end of the K1 5,000.

Still today, they compete in canoeing for K2 Joana Vasconcelos/Teresa Portela, C2 1,000 Bruno Afonso/Marco Apura, K1 500 Sara Sotero, and K4 500 David Varela/Emanuel Silva/João Ribeiro/Messias Baptista and Joana Vasconcelos/Teresa Portela/Francisca Laia/Francisca Carvalho.

In Minsk2019, Portugal, which in Baku2015 obtained ten podiums, it now has six medals: the gold of Carlos Nascimento in the 100 meters, the silver of acrobats Bárbara Sequeira, Francisca Maia and Francisca Sampaio Maia in combined and dynamic exercise, besides the bronze in the balance test.

They also won the bronze medal for judoka Telma Monteiro and the 4×400 meter mixed messenger, Ricardo dos Santos, Cátia Azevedo, João Coelho, and Rivinilda Mentai.

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