Fernando Pimenta wins silver in K1 1000 meters


Canoísta brings another medal to Portugal at the European Games, which take place in Minsk.

Another day of European Games, another medal for Portugal. The tenth, won on Wednesday morning in Minsk, went to Fernando Pimenta, who finished the final of the K1 1000 meters in second place.

The Portuguese canoeist signed a brilliant start, and even led for a significant part of the competition.

The Benfica athlete would, however, end up losing the lead to Balint Kopasz in the last few meters, but still held the silver medal.

The Hungarian finished the race at 3: 30.936 with a lead of just 0.112 seconds for Fernando Pimenta, who was enough to take the gold.

The podium was completed with the presence of Belarussian Aleh Yurenia, who finished 1.355 seconds behind Balint Kopasz.

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