Festival ‘Soam as Guitarras’ runs until April 2021

The start of the festival is scheduled for the Luísa Todi Municipal Forum, with two shows in a single night, with a single ticket, from the project Raia – Planeta Campaniça (by multi-instrumentalist António Bexiga) and Miramar (instrumental project that brings together the guitarists Peixe, Ornatos Violeta, and Frankie Chavez).

The Raia – Planeta Campaniça show will be hosted by Omiri (Vasco Ribeiro Casais), in the viola braguesa and nickelharpa, Joana Negrão, in the voice and harmonica, Um Corpo Estrange (De la Motta and Pedro Franco), in the voices, guitar and banjo .

Setúbal will once again welcome Soam as Guitarras on April 21, 2021, with one of the tours on the tour that marks the end of the Dead Combo’s career (Tó Trips and Pedro Gonçalves).

In Oeiras, the festival program will run from October 1st to 11th.

On the 1st, in the municipal auditorium Eunice Muñoz, the fado singer Ricardo Ribeiro performs with the Lisbon String Trio (Bernardo Couto, on the Portuguese guitar, José Peixoto, on the classical guitar, and Carlos Barretto, on the double bass).

A day later, the Miramar duo takes the stage of the Ruy de Carvalho municipal auditorium and, on October 3, it is the turn of Cape Verdean singer Mário Lúcio to invite the Portuguese singer Teresa Salgueiro to a show at the Municipal Auditorium Eunice Muñoz.

Guitarist José Manuel Neto performs on October 4, at Palácio Flor da Murta, and, on October 8, takes the stage of the municipal auditorium Ruy de Carvalho to accompany the singer Sérgio Godinho in the show “with the pianist Filipe Raposo “The Fadinhos do Godinho”.

On October 9, Tatanka (lead singer of The Black Mamba) will be at the Ruy de Carvalho municipal auditorium, on the 10th, Manuel de Oliveira and Marco Rodrigues will perform at the Eunice Muñoz municipal auditorium, and on the 11th, Ricardo Parreira will perform at Flor da Murta Palace.

In Évora, the festival takes place on October 3rd, with the Raia – Planeta Campaniça project, and October 4th, with Pedro Caldeira Cabral, in the Mateus D’Aranda Auditorium.

Soam as Guitarras ‘installs’ in Póvoa de Varzim, at the Cine-Teatro Garrett, between 10 and 13 December.

On the 10th, the Miramar duo, on the 11th, Mafalda Veiga, on the 12th, Sérgio Godinho, with the show “Os Fadinhos do Godinho“, and on the 13th, Manuel de Oliveira invites Marco Rodrigues.

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